Me, A Liebster Blogging Award Nominee?

unnamedThis week, I was nominated for a Liebster Blogging Award by one of my most favorite bloggers, Katelin at The Road We’re On! If she was not nominating me for this award, I would certainly be nominating her! Her sweet words brought such a smile to my face and a spring to my step, that my children feared there was something wrong with me all day! Thank you Katelin! One thing I have to say about her blog before answering her questions and presenting you with my own nominations is that her blog, The Road We’re On, is one that speaks to my heart or interests every single time I open it up. She is a down-to-earth newlywed, who love Jesus, decorating, penny-pinching, and more. When I open her blog it’s as if sunrays escape through my computer screen; it exudes that much joy! Please go by for a visit. I promise you’ll leave feeling a little happier, a little giddier, a little more inspired.

Here are the 11 questions Katelin from The Road We’re On  asked me to answer:

  1. Introduce yourself! I’m probably better known to you as “Saturated in Seattle”, but most others know me as Karyn. I’m 43 (I’ve no idea how that happened already!), but I feel 20, and act 16! I’m a complete introvert, but occasionally will allow my inner badass to shine through. In these rare times, I feel incredibly proud of myself. My most proud roles are as wife to Dennis for 23 years and mother to Abigail (20) and Megyn (16). The world knows Seattle for its rain and coffee and whatever you have heard about those two things is probably true! I love coffee—a lot. It’s a good thing my daughter works at Starbucks! (We charge her a pound of beans each week for rent. Can you say, “Addicted”?) The most important thing you should know about me is I really love Jesus. I’m not preachy—which might have more to do with the whole introvert thing!
  2. What do you like to do in your free time? I recently took up beekeeping! In fact, today was our first inspection of the hive since we installed our four pounds (Yes, four POUNDS of bees—18,000-20,000 bees). I’m reading everything I can get my hands on about it right now. I also love gardening, reading, and long walks on the beach. This sounds like a Singles Ad!!! And I am cracking myself up! BTW, I’m not single, so spending time with my man, whom I met when I was 11 is also something I love to do! We’re a totally adventurous so, zip lining, rock climbing, snorkeling… You name it and we’ll try it!13007289_10154128145507342_6913001598370987137_n3. What is the best job that you’ve held? Since I was a little girl I wanted to be a special education teacher. Although my current job is a slight miss of that dream, I would consider what I do now as an ABA (Applied Behavior Analyst) Home Therapist the best job I’ve ever had! Essentially, I work with children diagnosed with Autism. I teach a variety of things from social skills, life skills, chemistry (Ask me how much I like that! I don’t! Challenged in the sciences!) to behavior regulation. I love it! I’ve been in the field in one capacity or another my entire working career!

    4. Why did you start blogging? I started blogging as a way to leave something tangible for my daughters, Abigail (20) and Megyn (16). I wanted them to hear my voice, my thoughts, my advice, my struggles, and parts of my story—which is part of their story.


    5.What do you blog about? Blogging feels like a safe place to be vulnerable. I share my heartaches, my joys, the things I’m learning, and the things I don’t understand.

    6.What sets your blog apart from others? I think people sense my authenticity. I am incredibly vulnerable—raw, even—I love Jesus with my whole life and hope that in each post people get a sense that I live for a purpose and that is ultimately to glorify Christ. My focus is not numbers or popularity, but more so in connecting with others in a meaningful way.

    7. Share the link to the post on your blog that you are proudest of writing.
    I genuinely like all my posts because each one of them contains such a large piece of my heart, but perhaps the two part series titled “If I Ever Got A Tattoo..” is my favorite. It’s definitely my most vulnerable post. IMG_3245

    8. What keeps you motivated to blog?
    My Girls! I don’t want to leave anything unsaid.

    9. What is the piece of advice that has proven most beneficial in writing your blog? Write for yourself. When you write for others, you lose yourself, you start caring about numbers and shares, and… Writing feeds my soul. It’s how I connect with something beyond me. Seeing my thoughts on paper feels concrete, tangible, and it makes me smile—and sometimes cry. I literally have had sobbing fits as I write! I try not to look too much at numbers—but I’ll admit that when a post breaks double digits, it is exciting. It tells me that people resonate with me and I really like that!

    10. What social media platform provides the best referrals for your blog? Because I’m so new, I don’t really know. I post to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I only see feedback from WordPress and Facebook however! You can find me here:


    11. What is one piece of feedback that you would give me to improve my blog? Katelin at The Road We’re On, I have explored your blog and have sat here endlessly racking my mind for some sort of advice to give you, but I keep coming up empty. I love your style, your topics, you presentation, and the heart behind it all. I think you are on the right track and before long, I’ll be saying, “I knew her when…”. Congratulations on your beautiful blog!

11 Random Fact about me—As if you didn’t just get enough info. about me above!

1. I was born and raised on a dairy farm, but I don’t eat meat or drink milk.
2. I am the oldest of three. I have a younger brother and sister, whom I love more than I could ever say!
3. I drive a jeep. It is my favorite vehicle in all the world. I would choose it over any other car!
4. I went back to college in my 30’s.
5. I’m fearless. I literally will try any activity. However, I am NOT fearless when it comes to food. I really need to know what I’m eating.
6. I’m a jeans and T-shirt kind of girl. Fashion is lost on me. I wish it wasn’t. Stripes, plaids…it’s too much! If I ever look more put together than jeans and a T-shirt, it means I literally took the clothes off the department store mannequin (true story).
7. I drink my coffee black.
8. I homeschool my youngest daughter. Every day I hope I’m doing a good enough job!
9. I hate clothes shopping, but I love grocery shopping. I think it’s because I understand labels better than I do sizes and patterns!
10. I love remodeling. Dennis and I bought a fixer upper 10 years ago and every year we do one big project. Sadly, this year will be a roof—not anything exciting like last year’s living room remodel! My favorite TV show is Fixer Upper! Chip and JoAnna feel a little like family!!!
11. I love to sing, but would never ever in a million years sing in front of anyone. I didn’t even sing in front of my husband for the first few years of marriage! It’s a little bit bad!

Now, it’s my turn to nominate a few of my favorite bloggers:

Forgotten Empathy Admittedly, I often just call her blog Misggrace because that is how I have come to know her. If you ever want to know the heart of another, ever feel as if you are walking someone else’s shoes, ever want to feel the love of Jesus in a remarkably tangible way, this is the place. Her topics always point her readers back to Christ no matter the subject and she does so through words that seem more like a blanket just taken from the dryer on a cold winter’s day than just words on a page. She is poetic. She is real. She is vulnerable. She is insightful. Though I have not met her, I know her to be one of the most beautiful women in all the world and it is because she genuinely lives and breathes Jesus.

Gospel Isosceles I might be her biggest fan! She writes with such imagery and an element of poetry. Her words are incredibly thought-provoking and often touch the deepest parts of my heart. She is relatable and at the same time, she pushes me to think beyond my limited scope. She openly wrestles with things, sharing hard experiences, joys of life, travel, people of all walks, motherhood… all through the lens of a lover of Christ. When she posts, I feel like a school girl on Christmas morning, eager to unwrap whatever she posts! I’m sure she thinks I’m a stalker! I’m not. She’s just that good! Every. Single. Time!

Pursue Peace This girl moves me to tears over and over again through her stories. I have several favorites of hers, and I fear I would overwhelm you by sharing them all, but perhaps my very favorite is titled “One Dollar” . I read this post multiple times. I was convicted, humbled, and moved to see people differently. Her blog consistently does that. She doesn’t allow you to stay stagnant. She pushes you ever so gently into the loving arms of Christ. If you don’t know Christ, no worries, she shares His beautiful loving and gracious character through her thought provoking stories filled with emotion and imagery. She inspires me constantly.

The Ungodly Woman I was initially drawn to this blog because of its title. As a Christian, I often feel about as ungodly as they come. I don’t always have the answers and I struggle– and sometimes cuss, like everyone else. When I first stumbled across her blog, I felt I had gone home. She loves the Lord and although she went to Seminary, she does not pretend to know all the answers. I think that’s part of what I find endearing. She knows the Bible better than a lot of us and still wrestles. I like that. I find comfort in that! She writes a little about everything. She is both thought provoking and funny.

As One Once Said I love the daily posts this person writes. They are short, only averaging 100-200 words-ish, but pack such deep thoughts into these truths that are often overlooked or taken for granted. The writer leaves me nodding my head over and over again and inspires me to live life all the more intentionally. This persons topics cover a wide range of topics, but are always cause me to want to live more thoughtfully, not just for others, but also for myself.

Final Note: There are so many other worthy blogs I follow, but do not meet the criteria as outlined by the Liebster Award Rules. If you are a writer and put you heart and soul into your posts, you are a rock star in my book and have my full admiration. It’s a joy to be on this writing journey with each of you!


For my nominees, if you choose to accept this nomination, please contact me, leaving me your email, so I can send you the rules and requirements!

7 thoughts on “Me, A Liebster Blogging Award Nominee?

  1. Thank you so much, Karyn, for your nomination! I think I’ve thanked you……. at least 4 times now 😉 I enjoyed this post SO MUCH, as well. I have recently become SUPER wrapped up in numbers on my blog. I’m not sure why, but I seem to have lost myself a bit, just as you mentioned in this post. Thank you for the reminder that I started this blog because I love to write and I want my writing to reach WHOMEVER the Lord chooses. Anyway, I LOVED learning more about you. I am SO JEALOUS you drive a jeep. I drool over every jeep I see, although I don’t think I’ve ever even been in one. You sound like such an amazing person (I kinda already figured that out through reading your blog, though). I also plan to check out all of your nominations, as soon as my son stops consuming all my time!! He’s a busy beaver today!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • So funny! You only have a couple weeks left, right?! It’s an exciting time for you!!! You’ll have a lot of memories about this in-waiting time, and wearing your husband’s clothes will be one of them! Picturing it makes me smile!!! Here’s to frugal girls!


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