How to Find Purpose in the Pain

To watch/listen to this post:   In between her violent gasps for air, as she sobbed uncontrollably, her dark eyes narrowed in on mine and she screams out, “I feel like I’m drowning” at the top of her lungs. It wasn’t a cry for help but served more like an exclamation point to the grief … Continue reading How to Find Purpose in the Pain

When God is Absent

When God doesn’t meet our expectations, we wonder three things: 1. Does He care? 2. Is He listening? 3. Is He real? Our tidy theology, you know, the kind that we were taught in Sunday School as young children, where we sat entertained as we watched felt board or Veggie Tale stories unfold before our … Continue reading When God is Absent

How I’m Learning to Get Real with God

Sometimes I’m not all good with God. Sometimes I’m so damn mad, frustrated, and even disappointed in Him. I know as a good Christian girl, I am expected to keep feelings like this to myself and surrender them to Christ, let His Word calm the raging seas that threaten to devour me, and trust that … Continue reading How I’m Learning to Get Real with God