Hearing the Voice of God: A Candid Conversation

Hey there my sweet friend!

This past week my mind has been absolutely chaotic; a whirlwind of thoughts, of prayers, of research, and everything in between–and though chaotic, the topic has been centered around one thing: hearing God’s voice.

It’s a topic that comes up from time to time with those closest to us. It’s something we listen for and if we feel we haven’t heard God, we wonder if we ever will. We wonder if He only speaks to those who seemingly have their lives together–those whose lives are fully surrendered to Him.

Over the years, I’ve heard people say that God speaks to them audibly. I’ve heard others say God speaks to them through nature or through close friendships or the Word of God… All good. However, I think when we expect God to speak a certain way, we very well might miss Him when He chooses to speak to us in a new way, a unique way, an expected way.

I’m still sorting my thoughts but would love to hear from you about if you believe God speaks to you, how He speaks to you, what struggles/obstacles you encounter in this areas, etc.

8 thoughts on “Hearing the Voice of God: A Candid Conversation

  1. Hi Karyn. You know how to pick good topics. This one is a doozy. Being Who He is, “I AM”, He speaks in various ways. Because He knows me throughout, He communicates just the way I need at times of distraction. (And boy, can I be distracted.) Impressions are often the train on the track. In those times there will be a nudging from His Spirit in mine.
    Often His speech comes like an obsession falling on my head/heart like a brick over and over again. Then, like what you said, often in still, quiet moments where I must stop whatever my schedule dictates and lean into it. At the same time, I must be sure it’s not my inner-voice, or the leanings of the Great Impersonator, our Enemy. Truly a top-shelf subject. Glad you are here doing what you do. God’s grip – Alan

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    • Such great thoughts, Alan! I cherish them because each example, each experience shows us how intentional and uniquely the Lord works to speak to us, to interact with us, to have relationship with us. I wonder if we miss the awe and wonder of such lavish love for us.

      I find myself in a season where I’m expectant of His presence, His words. I’m looking for them, waiting for them and by golly, when I unmistakably sense His words for me, I weep. There is something so, so precious in that space. And it keeps me going back for more. It sounds like we are similar in that way!

      Thanks for taking the time to share such thought-provoking, personal experiences you’ve had with the Lord. I love hearing how He works in the lives of others. Sometimes I see a similar thread and it gives me goose bumps! This is one of those times! Alan in Dallas—a kindred spirit for sure! 🙂


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      • I agree. One of the keys, in my thinking, is making sure I know myself really well. So much so, that I recognize my own inner-voice to determine if my ideas, or solutions, are getting in the way of His voice. We are so wired to “fix it”, “get it done”, “remedy via self”. Because I know myself very well, I know I must always push these things aside to hear His still, small voice of the Spirit. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Lol


    • I’ve had things like that happen as well. And although some people might object, I totally think that’s God’s way of nodding in our direction.
      Interesting tidbit about the cardinals! We don’t have those here in Seattle, but I’ve heard the same to be true of hummingbirds, which we do have! I have several humming bird feeders and I’m telling you their presence stop me in my tracks time and time again. They are absolutely mesmerizing.
      I think anything that gets us to pause for a moment and cause us to look beyond ourselves is a very good place to start when hoping to hear from the Lord. 🙂

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    • I’ve had seasons like this too! They have left me questioning, wrestling with God, searching. There have been season where I’ve hardened my heart toward Him—not allowing anything He might try to say to me to penetrate my heart, mind, and soul. There are times when “I neglect God and His angels for the noise of the fly” (English Poet, John Donne).
      Then there are times when all I want to do is crawl into His lap and listen to His song all day and enjoy the symphony of His creation. Without a doubt, there is an ebb and flow in this relationship; in this ability to hear His still small voice–and sometimes for no apparent reason.
      Trusting that you will hear Him speak to you, Stephen exactly when you need it most. I literally have been praying over you all week. My family keeps asking me how I know a guy from Ireland! Ha! 🙂




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