Sitting here trying to brainstorm what you might want to know about me, I find myself embracing the average chick that I am. To be honest, I like the mess that I am sometimes. I’ve worked hard to become her. I’m still learning; often times struggling, while other times rejoicing over seemingly small victories, like making my morning coffee strong enough! God isn’t finished with me yet and it’s in this promise that I lay my head down each night with a smile on my face and hope in my heart. I cringe writing that last line because sounding cliché is the last thing I ever want to be; but it is true nonetheless.

The most important thing I could share with you is that I genuinely love Jesus—but I didn’t always. I played the part and played it so well that I might have won awards, if such things were given, and I’m not talking those cute participatory ribbons; I’m talking full on brass-plated statutes! I grew up in a small, but largely legalistic Baptist church, went to church three times a week, read my Bible and prayed, like a “good-girl” should, but my heart did not reflect my outer actions. Eventually, I found myself broken, shattered into a million pieces and in need of something, Someone much bigger than I. Isn’t that how most conversions go? See, I warned you I’m an average chick!

Perhaps what’s not average about me is that I took all that legalism I learned in my childhood and have tried to pull back the countless layers of good intentions to discover what the truth really is. I need this Truth. I need this intimate relationship with Christ that I hear about, but seldom witness. I’m a ponderer, a researcher, a bit of a dreamer, and a story-teller and it is here that I bring those facets together and with great hope that my stories will become part of your story, that they will be meaningful to you and cause you to think or engage with others differently, but ultimately that they will reveal more of Christ to you and that you’ll feel Him pulling you closer to Him.

Thanks for checkin’ in!


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