Looking Out; Looking in: Racism Within Me

I was nine years old the first time I had an inkling into my role where racism is concerned. In an all-white family, community, and school this seemed to have come out of left field. I don’t remember seeing anything in the news or on television that spurred this thought. In actuality, the only people … Continue reading Looking Out; Looking in: Racism Within Me

How to Find Purpose in the Pain

To watch/listen to this post:   In between her violent gasps for air, as she sobbed uncontrollably, her dark eyes narrowed in on mine and she screams out, “I feel like I’m drowning” at the top of her lungs. It wasn’t a cry for help but served more like an exclamation point to the grief … Continue reading How to Find Purpose in the Pain

How I’m Learning to Get Real with God

Sometimes I’m not all good with God. Sometimes I’m so damn mad, frustrated, and even disappointed in Him. I know as a good Christian girl, I am expected to keep feelings like this to myself and surrender them to Christ, let His Word calm the raging seas that threaten to devour me, and trust that … Continue reading How I’m Learning to Get Real with God

How I Overcame Fear

I’m not usually a fearful person. I can harness those lurking shadows that threaten to quicken my heart rate and rob me of my joy. I can figuratively hold fear in my hands and evaluate it; deciphering what hidden truth is being masked as something altogether different. I’ve learned to question my fear in an … Continue reading How I Overcame Fear


Hot air balloons glide over my rooftop endlessly through the summer months. I can hear the distinct whooshing of the flame’s warmth fill the balloons before I can see them. And inevitably I run outside to scan the sky. I’m not just looking for the balloon and the opportunity to wave to its passengers, I’m … Continue reading Triggered

A Second Victimization

Inside, my emotions were wickedly raging; an inferno of sorts-- but not the kind that subsides with time, but rather the kind that silently swelters and smolders bitter anger for a long time—for a long, loooong time before it unleashes its fury. But my daughters didn’t see that. Instead, what stared back at them were … Continue reading A Second Victimization

A Distorted Image

Moments before she had been a chatter bug, talking about this and that, about dreams and aspirations as well as evaluating how far she had come from her lowest days not so long ago, where death seemed the only alternative to the demons gnashing their razor-sharp teeth at her every turn. The world had not … Continue reading A Distorted Image