“Badassery” Friendships Pt 2

Read Badassery Friendships Pt 1 Here Until I met HER! I’ll admit, I was completely taken aback by her at first. I mean, after all, she introduced herself to me as, “I’m not a stalker, I promise, but I know you from Facebook. I recognized you by your hair”. I am sure you can picture … Continue reading “Badassery” Friendships Pt 2

“Badassery” Friendships Pt. 1

As an introvert, I like to pretend I’m a badass; more in my head than in reality, mind you. I think it’s a worthy adjective for those people living life “up here”, not afraid to boldly speak the truth-- in love, of course, and even if they fear rejection, they risk being vulnerable with others. … Continue reading “Badassery” Friendships Pt. 1

Nostalgic or Transfomative; Our Stories Are Powerful

Some moments spent over coffee have been filled with joy, celebration, and school-girl giggles while others have been burdensome and even life-changing, and every emotion and situation in between. Coffee (and sometimes wine and sometimes tequila, but mostly coffee) is the perfect pairing to share life and stories between friends. It is forever imbedded in … Continue reading Nostalgic or Transfomative; Our Stories Are Powerful

From Where I Stand

I’ll never forget those dark eyes, never. If I close my eyes now, 17 years later, I can still see them. I can still see the spacing of his lashes and prominent pupils due to the shadowy-dim light. His girth suffocated me as my face was pushed into the all-weather carpet, burning its roughness onto … Continue reading From Where I Stand

Wondrously Known

While running errands on a cool dusk evening in late September, I noticed an older bedraggled gentleman hunched over, shakily holding onto one side of his walker, while attempting to a hold his large cardboard sign for passer-byers to see with his gnarled fingers of the other. As I rounded the corner, I saw that … Continue reading Wondrously Known

What’s The Deal With Baptism?

When I was 9 years old, I was a buck toothed lanky girl who stood at least a full head and shoulders taller than my peers, and although I felt incredibly awkward in my own skin and didn’t really have an understanding of who I was, I knew my Jesus and boy, did I loved … Continue reading What’s The Deal With Baptism?

Books; My Guilty Pleasure

I love books. I really do. I love everything about them from the feel of their nearly smooth, weightless pages that beckon for my fingers to purposefully glide across them; to the rustling coo they make with each turn.  I read intentionally and yet, ever so slowly, lingering maybe longer than necessary at intersections of … Continue reading Books; My Guilty Pleasure