How I’m Learning to Get Real with God

Sometimes I’m not all good with God. Sometimes I’m so damn mad, frustrated, and even disappointed in Him. I know as a good Christian girl, I am expected to keep feelings like this to myself and surrender them to Christ, let His Word calm the raging seas that threaten to devour me, and trust that … Continue reading How I’m Learning to Get Real with God

“And Mean It!”

My parents had some unconventional ways of dealing with my siblings and me when we needed some….redirecting. For example, when my brother, Joel and I were about 7 and 8 years old, we got into trouble and as a consequence, my brother who loved to mow the lawn—was literally *obsessed* with mowing the lawn-- was … Continue reading “And Mean It!”

But You Can’t Shoot Them

Like most, my mind has been whirling with emotions, ranging from heart-break to anger and every emotion in between, over the violent mass shooting that took place earlier this week at Pulse, a LGBT+ nightclub in Orlando, Florida. 50 lives were brutally and prematurely ended while an additional 50-plus were tragically wounded, causing an uproar … Continue reading But You Can’t Shoot Them

Just Say, “Thank You”

Perhaps you have heard phrases such as, “under promise, over deliver” or “plan for the worst, but hope for the best”. Phrases like this are said by realists. They know unexpected things happen and therefore their goals, endpoints, or dreams don't always have the desired outcome, so they plan upfront for a possible miscarriage of … Continue reading Just Say, “Thank You”