How to Hear God’s Voice

I hung up the phone and promptly fell into a heap, sobbing uncontrollably. Unable to catch my breath, my mind raced from one tragic event to the next, spiraling deeper into despair with each scene my memory recalled. Pinned down, dark eyes, unheard cries. Cold bathroom floor, double blue lines. Forever traumatized. Escape is what … Continue reading How to Hear God’s Voice

How to Find Purpose in the Pain

To watch/listen to this post:   In between her violent gasps for air, as she sobbed uncontrollably, her dark eyes narrowed in on mine and she screams out, “I feel like I’m drowning” at the top of her lungs. It wasn’t a cry for help but served more like an exclamation point to the grief … Continue reading How to Find Purpose in the Pain

The Leafless Tree

Her hands wrenching against her still swollen-- yet now lifeless belly. Mine equally wrenching against mine, where once I had nurtured her to life and held her and cradled her and dreamed all her same dreams. Dreams that had been dashed by a heart that stopped too soon. Her hands barren of ornament, mine dotted … Continue reading The Leafless Tree

Grief’s Cocoon

Alone in the doctor’s office, our silence gave way to heart wrenching cries—cries that mingled between that of suffocating grief and one of battle; a battle where our only ammunition was to hope bigger, to hope deeper and longer and wider---and to pray ceaselessly for a miracle, for the doctors to have been wrong, for … Continue reading Grief’s Cocoon