Silent Screams

I’ve had this reoccurring nightmare for longer than I can remember; it haunts me on a fairly regular basis leaving me in an utter state of hopelessness that extends beyond my 5:30am alarm. I’ve tried to determine its triggers, interpret its meaning, as well as have tried to rewrite the narrative and change the course … Continue reading Silent Screams

I Don’t Know Who I Am Anymore

To listen/watch this post: I switch on the espresso machine and lean back against the counter as I wait for it to warm. I hear its morning hum and my mouth salivates as the minutes seem longer than usual. My daughter, here for a visit, sits at the breakfast counter; quiet. Our weeks and months … Continue reading I Don’t Know Who I Am Anymore

Rewriting Our “Ish-Tastic” Stories Pt 2

Read: Rewriting Our “Ish-tastic” Past Pt. 1 Here It’s OK that our stories are not in a neat and tidy packages. Writing a new ending requires vulnerability first, owning the truth, and then allowing it to transform us. What I mean by that is that our stories don’t have to end when the lights go … Continue reading Rewriting Our “Ish-Tastic” Stories Pt 2